Thursday, 9 October 2014

Television, Recording for Charity and Heathrow

Jonathan is to appear on the Lorraine Show tomorrow (Friday) at 8.30am on the UK channel ITV1. I do hope the iPlayer makes it available for all of you overseas. It would seem he has pre-recorded his performance as the above photo is captioned ‘Jonathan Antoine leaving the Lorraine studios (in London)’.  It was taken this morning.

This afternoon he took part in a charity recording, at London’s famous Air Studios for Global’s Make Some Noise charity. 

The photo shows him with Anna Berry (who produced his album) and Julian Reynolds (head of the Royal Academy in London), listening back to the charity single “Steadfast’ which will be completed later tonight and available on iTunes from midnight.

If you do use Twitter look under the hashtag #makesomenoise for further information.

Then, when we didn’t think we would hear any more from Jonathan (as he had tweeted he’d left home at 5.30am this morning), another tweet appeared a couple of hours ago.
At Heathrow airport xx 

Where is he going?  Who knows?  The suspense is thrilling though!


sonya said...

Looking forward to all Jonathan's adventures

Tammy Hiers said...

Looking forward to all things Antoine