Thursday, 16 October 2014

Fame At Last?

Is the blog famous now that Jonathan Shalit has tweeted the link last week?  

I feel all Fantoines do their utmost to promote Jonathan as much as possible and prior to the release of the album in the UK, Sony have made tremendous efforts to ensure it is available worldwide, but I’ve never been too impressed by ROAR’s part in the promotion of Jonathan. With the exception of the odd tweet they’ve been invisible.  (For those of you who don’t know, ROAR is Jonathan’s management company and Jonathan Shalit is his manager.)  

What do you think? Have you noticed any promotions or promotional material  from ROAR for Jonathan - other than a few tweets from Mr Shalit?

I’m not going to let Mr Shalit’s tweet go to my head although I thank him for his recognition and suggest fame would have reached our magnificent young tenor with or without the help of ROAR, but it may have taken slightly longer.

As Chris Needs says: “The cream always rises to the top.” 

What a delight it is to be part of the incredible musical journey of Jonathan Antoine.  His album is breathtaking and I cannot find enough adjectives to describe how I felt whilst playing it for the first time.  It will be winging its way to you soon if you haven’t received it already. 

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