Monday, 13 October 2014

Oh Happy Day!

photo courtesy of Fantoine Pam Rose

Since early morning the internet has been buzzing with praise for Jonathan and his fantastic 12 track CD.

I received some of mine but not all.  Disappointing really because I ordered mine in batches so as they would fit through my letter box in case I wasn’t at home. Amazon are usually very efficient with delivering here in the Highlands of Scotland, but my sympathies lie with those of you outside the UK who can’t even download the MP3s as yet.  Please believe me it’s so very, very worth the wait.  Today I ran out of adjectives for Jonathan’s album - I’m sure you can understand the reason.  It’s so good.

Unfortunately I’ve not been online tonight until now so have had little chance to see much of the excitement since morning and the latest wonderful graphics which have been produced by Fantoines, but here is a link you may find very interesting. (For some reason I’m unable to download it directly to the blog).

Here is another link to the Classic FM (radio) where John Suchet is playing Jonathan’s album as 'album of the week' on his show just after 10.00am (GMT) from today until Friday.  Please try and listen although I know it’s the middle of the night for many of you.  

Some Fantoines have suggested Filmon is a good way to access such programmes outside of the UK.  A comment below mentions Hola as another way to access programmes from abroad. These are not recommendations from me but I hope one of them works for you.

I’ll post more news tomorrow but if you have anything you would like posted on the blog please let me know.  My email is over there >>> and I am on Facebook as Subrosa Blonde. 


Joanne Corns said...

I am so very happy for those fantoines who have got their copies. Im sure that the c d has been listened to many times over. Jonathan is indescribable to me and I haven't even meet him yet ,but his music is just so unbelievable like him. Enjoy all who have meet him and have received your copies . Waiting on mine won't do much after it arrives but listen. My poor neighbors are gonna hear it too gotta share the power of Jonathan Antoine with everyone. Love jonny he is truely an Angel sent from angels. FF APOI JCOHIO

Shaunet said...

Many thank yous to Ross Nixon on FB for the link to Hola - I can now listen to Classic FM - I am sooo happy!

JonathanFan said...

I’ve yet to get some of my copies Joanne. Amazon have put the delivery date back, yet they have been delivering elsewhere in Scotland. Don’t know why the problem because I’ve never had problems with Amazon before.

Enjoy the album when you get it!

JonathanFan said...

Thanks for the mention of Hola Shaunet. I’ve edited the post and included it. Much appreciated. :D