Sunday, 31 August 2014

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Jonathan’s sister is 26 years old today and this is one of the photographs he posted on his Facebook page.  It was taken earlier this year.

She’s a beautiful young woman and I’m sure all of you will join me in wishing her a wonderful birthday and many more exciting ones to come.

It’s no secret that I think Charlotte should eventually become Jonathan’s manager.  She has many of the skills already at her age and it’s now a matter of time and confidence.  After all - Bocelli’s wife is his manager!

The cake the family chose. Think the baker is an Italian!

Friday, 29 August 2014

O Sole Mio (video)

Another wonderful video from Sonya.  Many thanks Sonya.  I know many readers greatly appreciate your efforts.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

‘TENORE’ Cover Revealed

Earlier today Jonathan revealed his album cover.  My first instinct was to smile.  My second was to wave and shout “Yoohoo!” in the vain hope I would receive a response.

Not too long now before the release.  Many of us would like signed CDs but Sony have yet to make any announcement.  It may help if more of us tweeted them.  This is their twitter link.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find an email address but if someone does please leave it in the comment section below.  Many thanks.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

More Perfect Pictures

This is another from the camera of our adopted ‘official photographer’ Bjarne Hemmingsen at the Chris Needs Charity Concert in Porthcawl a week past Saturday.

The lovely Debby Beal Lotte created the above.  Isn’t it great?

The end of Jonathan’s fantastic performance again from Bjarne.  He looks so very happy and of course every Fantoine present was too.  What an extraordinary night!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Jonathan’s Ice Challenge

There’s a challenge going round the internet at the moment called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  The idea is to generate awareness for the ALS charity.

Jonathan was challenged by Dan Scavino Jr and bravely agreed to participate.

I think the action took place in his garden, with his parents wielding the ice buckets and his sister Charlotte videoing.  There appears to be a great volume of ice involved as his pocket is full of the stuff after his soaking.

Bravo young man!  I don’t think this took place on one of the warmest days of the summer.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Jonathan Captures Hearts In Wales

The wee Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl was buzzing on Saturday night and I understand, from Chris Needs on his nightly show, Jonathan’s still the talk of the town.

What a evening of splendid entertainment!  So much effort had been put into the organisation and production, it was a pleasure to sit back and enjoy a few hours of good ‘old fashoned' entertainment.

Chris Needs’ energy knew no bounds and his parodies rocked the hall with laughter.  What a trouper he is!

The concert included a variety of performers but the star of the show was Jonathan. (I apologise not listing the other performers but there was no programme and I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t think to write down all the names).

Jonathan sang 5 songs: la donne e mobile, Granada, panis angelicus, Bring Him Home and his encore was O sole mio.  

The walls reverberated with applause and I doubt if any Fantoine who was present has yet managed to wipe their smile of delight off their face.  I certainly haven’t.

What a night  a delicious treat and a feast for the soul for those who attended.  There are so many photographs floating round the internet, but the ones I have posted here are by the wonderful photographer - who came all the way from Denmark with his wife Bente - Bjarne Hemmingsen. Please do look around for others.

Also I have to mention the lovely Allison Gentle who travelled all the way from Australia to hear Jonathan sing.  She arrived on the Saturday and left UK on Sunday.

The above photograph was taken with my camera.  Bjarne has no competition does he?

I sincerely hope the evening raised lots of money for Chris’s charity. He will give an update on a future radio show no doubt.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Jonathan Antoine - The Journey So Far

As Porthcawl in Wales is invaded by Fantoines this weekend for Chris Needs’ Charity Concert, in which Jonathan is singing, I’m very aware many are unable to attend.

Make a cup of something, settle in a comfy chair and watch this marvellous video produced by the very creative Fantoine Debby Beale Lote.  It’s a true labour of love to put together such a video and endless patience is also required.

Thank you so much Debby, I’m sure I speak on behalf of all Fantoines when I say it’s a beautiful tribute to our Tenore.  

As Tana Knauss says in the Youtube comments ‘Absolutely incredible’ and much appreciated.

There will be photos of this exciting event in Porthcawl and I will keep you up to date as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

TENORE - The Full Track Listing

This past weekend Tenore’s full playlist became public knowledge as Jonathan’s PR issued a press release to the various music publications. 

No longer was the track list a secret, although some Fantoines seemed to resist the urge to check it out on the various links given on Twitter and Facebook and wait for Jonathan’s daily announcements.

Here is the full listing. This CD is going to bring so much joy to so many.

1 Rigoletto, Act III: ‘La donna è mobile’

2 Torna a Surriento

3 Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare)

4 Be my love

5 Parla Più Piano (from ‘The Godfather’)

6 Panis Angelicus

7 L’elisir d’amore, Act II: ‘Una furtiva lagrima’

8 So Deep is the Night (Arranged from Chopin’s Tristesse, Etude Op. 10/3)

9 Arrivederci, Roma

10 Core ‘ngrato

11 Granada

12 Love Changes Everything (From ‘Aspects of Love’)

The images on this post were taken from some posted by Jonathan on his Facebook page.  They are part of a selection taken while recording in the studio.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

TENORE - Tracks 7 and 8

This track wasn’t unexpected really as it’s the solo Jonathan sang when he was Russell Watson’s special guest during Russell’s UK tour earlier this year.

Isn’t it strange how you can hear or read the title of a piece of music and suddenly the melody and words are ‘just there’.  This is what happened to me when I read that ‘So Deep Is The Night’ was to be track 8.

As yet I can’t remember why and where I learned the song and it’s irritating me.  I won’t bore you with personal history but being brought up in a household in which classical music played a major role, could be something to do with it.  Another scenario could be connected to my grandmother. She loved music but never did get the opportunity to learn an instrument, yet she had a fine piano in her ‘front room’.  This had been purchased for the benefit of my mother, but she preferred to concentrate on her violin studies and the only person who showed an interest was me.  Every now and again my grandmother would ask me to ‘play a wee tune for me’ and we’d discuss whether it would be Scottish music or classical. (I was fairly average at both but it didn’t seem to matter to my beloved granny).

She would sit on her cherished leather settee and sing along while I played the melody.  That’s possibly why I know the words so well, because she never tired of hearing the same tune played over and over again. My repertoire was small but brought her so much pleasure.

So, when I hear Jonathan singing this one, I’ll close my eyes and drift back 60 years to pay my respects to the woman - full of fun and wisdom - who had the most profound and loving influence on me during my childhood.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

TENORE - Tracks 5 and 6

Track 5 is better known as the theme from the Godfather films (movies for those outside the UK).

I think when I first hear this CD I’d better be lying down in a darkened room!  It’s going to be breathtaking.

Monday, 4 August 2014

TENORE - Tracks 3 and 4

‘Be My Love’ was made famous by Mario Lanza when he starred in the 1950s film   The Toast of New Orleans.  

Until I did a little research about the song, I had no idea he died at the age of 38. His legacy lingers on though as many Fantoines, of a certain age, remember Lanza’s music being played in their childhood homes. 

It’s probably safe to suggest that the present new generation being introduced to the world will have a similar memory in 50 years, but the name will have changed. They will say, “My Mum/Dad used to play Jonathan Antoine all the time”.

Already we’ve had a feast for the soul with tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4.  We now have to wait to hear what more pleasure awaits us on this album.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Look At You Now Jonathan Antoine!! (video)

Another great contribution from Sonya.  So good I’ve watched it several times in the past few days!  Many thanks Sonya.

Friday, 1 August 2014

The First Two TENORE Tracks Have Been Announced!

Happy days yesterday and today. Jonathan announced the first track of his CD Tenore and today the second.

I’m delighted to see the way the announcement has been made for social media  i.e. Facebook and Twitter.  The tenor clef is so seldom seen these days, although as a cellist a life time ago, I’m aware much music was written in it.  It’s a beautiful looking clef when in print isn’t it?

Two super songs introduce us to what is going to be a fantastic CD.