Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Jonathan is a cat lover and here are some of the photos fans have posted on his Facebook page.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Jonathan’s Pinternet Photo Page

The über-talented Diego Bras Harriott designed the above banner for Yuri’s Facebook page.  Yuri, as you can see, is Japanese.  Fantoines certainly are worldwide and growing at a rapid pace!

Diego has also started a Pinternet page showing photographs of Jonathan.

Please visit and note that it will be updated regularly.  Lots of up-to-date photos to come.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

14-year-old Jonathan - Bring Him Home (video)

Isn’t it wonderful to be a part of this young man’s journey into the world of music?

His ability to sing crossover as well as classical is astonishing.  Few classical singers pull it off and Jonathan is one of the few.

At 14 years of age, he was bursting with talent. Now we can witness it developing.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

'Valentine for Jonathan Antoine 2014’ - video

Thanks to ‘Anna Mae’ who I’ve heard is a male fan of Jonathan’s.  He thanked those whose photos he used in the production.

Aren’t Jonathan’s fans some of the most lovely and devoted people?  That’s because this young man has something so very special. There are plenty superlatives to describe his singing but few to describe Jonathan the man.  All I can say is he gives himself totally when he sings - he doesn’t just ‘perform’.

The words ‘touches my soul’ are often mentioned when people describe him. Certainly his voice sooths my soul when it’s a little troubled and I know of only two singers have done that in my lifetime of 56 plus 20% tax. They didn’t quite reach the spot Jonathan does. 

This is beautiful. I hope you agree.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bring Him Home (video)

Jonathan sang Bring Him Home again in 2012 at a live performance at Potters, Norfolk.

The video was recorded by a fan.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine’s Day

A couple of the many posts to Jonathan on Valentine’s Day.

from Kelly

The video was posted on Jonathan’s Facebook page by Anna Mae.

May today be a happy day for all Fantoines.  Love makes the world go round and it’s no secret that the more you give the more you receive.

Even a smile will make someone happy so give a smile to those you meet today - and every day.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Tribute To Jonathan (video)

Post by Jon Perry.

One of Jonathan’s fans from Facebook created the above video. It’s amazing isn’t it.  

Well done Jon!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Latest Photos

All set for a day out!

Of course no picture of Jonathan is ever left unadorned and when the creative Fantoine Constance spied it, she turned it into a work of art - with a message for everyone. Thanks Constance.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

O Sole Mio (video)

This weekend I noticed I hadn’t yet posted Jonathan’s performance of O Sole Mio at Gawsworth in August last year.

These recordings are done by fans and are not the best quality because they are done ‘under cover’.  Most venues do not allow photographs or recordings so fans are good enough to take the chance of having their cameras confiscated and/or having any photographs or recordings deleted.

Thanks to all the fans who take such risks in order to allow those who can’t attend events in the UK.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Jonathan To Join Russell Watson On Tour

Jonathan has announced on his Facebook page that he will be joining Russell Watson, on his national tour, from the 19 March.

The tour dates are here but please note that at present Jonathan will not be appearing on 10 April at Brighton, 12 April at Southend or 13 April at Oxford.

At long last he is coming to Scotland and will be with Russell at the Glasgow Concert Hall on Saturday 28 March.

Already Fantoines are making arrangements to come to concerts from the US and Europe, so if you would like tickets please reserve as soon as possible.  I will put the dates in the ‘events’ link above.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Jonathan To Go Solo

It’s been a hectic weekend with the announcement that Jonathan and Charlotte are parting in order to follow solo careers.

The following is the press release issued by their management ROAR.

We are delighted to announce that Jonathan Antoine & Charlotte Jaconelli, runners' up in Britain’s Got Talent 2012, are to sign solo record deals with Sony Classical. The pair, who sold more than a quarter of a million albums as a duo, now look forward to the next stages of their burgeoning careers. As a thank you to their loyal fans Jonathan and Charlotte will be releasing a final recording together for Mother’s Day - a free download of a special recording of ‘Time To Say Goodbye’. It is expected that Jonathan will then release his debut solo album this Autumn with Charlotte bringing her album out earlier, in June. Sony Classical will be supporting them in their dream of Jonathan becoming an operatic Tenor and Charlotte being inspired by her love of classic musicals and great ballads. Both Jonathan & Charlotte can also announce some very exciting tour dates across the UK. - From February 15th, Charlotte will be the special guest of Richard & Adam from BGT 2013 on their national tour. - From March 19th, Jonathan will be the special guest of Tenor Superstar Russell Watson on his national tour. In a statement, Jonathan and Charlotte said: '‘We have had the most exciting journey together ever since meeting at West Hatch High School in 2006 and are so happy for each other. To come second on BGT and sell over quarter of a million albums was beyond our wildest dreams. To now be offered our own solo record deals by Sony Classical is the most exciting thing ever and we are thrilled to be going back into the recording studio so soon. For those that voted for us, bought our CDs and saw us in concert – thank you. We hope to see you soon at our own shows. Love Jonathan and Charlotte’. Professor Jonathan Shalit, the pair's manager, said: ‘Jonathan and Charlotte have the most wonderful individually special voices and I am delighted that Sony Classical have recognised this in offering them solo record deals. There are very exciting times are ahead for these two such musically gifted young people.’

Exciting times ahead for Jonathan!  The next post will give some information about his next live performance(s).