Sunday, 29 June 2014

Update on Spanish Event 27 June 2014

The above is a short clip taken by Tara (Jonathan’s hairdresser) who attended the private event in Sitges last Wednesday evening.

McDonald Europe tweeted the above and the Facebook page of the Ray Crock Awards Europe posted the photograph below.

Tara, when posting the video clip on Jonathan’s Facebook page said ‘Truly amazing as always’.  Nobody could disagree!

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Jonathan Becomes an Ambassador for the Katie Holmes Trust

Last week the Katie Holmes Trust announced Jonathan had accepted their invitation to join their team of Ambassadors.

I’m sure all Fantoines will agree he will be a great asset in helping them raise funds for this very worthwhile charity.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Viva España!

Earlier this week Jonathan announced he was off to Spain to perform.  How he coped with the hundreds of enquiries demanding information about where, who, why etc couldn’t have been easy.

We all want to know as much as possible about his performances but this one was another private event.  Possibly more information will appear online and if so I’ll post it here.

The photograph is the view from his hotel balcony in Sitges (30km south of Barcelona).  I’ve used artistic licence for the title of this post because, as soon as he said - in a tweet - he’d landed in Barcelona, ‘that’ song sprang to mind!

In a reply to Fantoines BeaGee and Karen he tweeted his repertoire for the evening.  Oh how I wish I’d been there to hear these 4 songs, particularly Caruso sung solo by him. 

Jonathan Antoine @JonAntoine 17m
@BeaGee3 @karensunnydays 4 songs Bea - S.Lucia, Caruso, O Sole Mio and Time to say Goodbye  xx

He’s always so generous in his thanks to his audiences and accompanying musicians too. (the following a reply to Karen).

I hope so Karen, fantastic audience and wonderful orchestra too - a great experience all round <3

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Recording Completed!

Yesterday (Friday) Jonathan commented on his Facebook page that finally the voice recording for his solo CD is finished.  

It seems to have been a wonderful experience for him and - going by the photos he’s posted - Sony have pulled out all the stops to ensure the CD will be first class. He deserves to work with quality professionals who obviously have recognised his unique talent and he’s been very gracious with his thanks to ‘the wonderful team’.  I’m sure they felt privileged to be part of his journey.

There’s so much excitement about the release of the album yet it is some months away. 

Here’s another photograph he posted.  It’s taken inside the church in East Finchley where he recorded some tracks recently.  We all know he feels the heat quite a bit, so he was able to work barefoot both here in during studio recordings, the result is he’s been nicknamed ‘The Barefoot Tenor’.  

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Another Beautiful Performance

Last night Jonathan performed at London’s Natural History Museum, along with Lucy Kay, at the One For The Boys Fashion Ball.  

The host, Samuel L Jackson, specifically requested Jonathan’s rendition of one of his favourite songs he performed it beautifully (I hear on the grapevine).

Doesn’t he look content?  Now he’s a solo artiste he is able to pick and choose his singing partners and I’m sure we will have many, many hours of listening pleasure in the years to come. 

I think he returns to recording this week but I’ll keep you all updated. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Montage by Sonya

click to enlarge

No words needed but in case some of you don’t know Sonya is one of the many Fantoines who is very talented - as you can see.  

Lovely graphic.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Meet the Latest Member of the Antoine Family

Last week the Antoine family lost  their beloved elderly cat Crystal Tips.  It’s hard when a family pet dies even though they know it is unwell.  Crystal Tips became unwell when Jonathan was touring with Russell Watson, but she recovered enough to hold on for a few weeks.

However, Sony very kindly stepped into the breach after they realised how upset Jonathan was about Crystal Tips and took him to Battersea. It was a complete surprise for him as you can see by the photo (left).

Looks quite excited doesn’t he?

So who have we here?

Let me introduce you to Willow, the latest member of the Antoine family.

From the look on Jonathan’s face it was love at first sight!  This adorable furry ball doesn’t know how lucky she is does she?  

I know little about cats but it seems it will take a little time for Willow to be accepted by the other two who are both ten years old. There will be a bit of hierarchy play in the Antoine home for a few weeks no doubt.

The newest Fantoine

Monday, 9 June 2014

A Treat For You - Va Pensiero

Of all Jonathan’s solos I think Va Pensiero is my favourite, but it’s difficult to have favourites when his voice turns any song into a breathtaking experience. Be still my beating heart!

He has yet to sing this publicly yet but I would so like to hear it live.

This super video was compiled by the lovely Sonya who deserves so much thanks for her many contributions.

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Recording Continues

click to enlarge

As most followers of this astonishing young man will know, in the past few weeks he has been rehearsing or recording his first solo album (link to preorder at Amazon UK).

Yesterday’s Facebook post included the above image accompanied by the words:

I thought you may all like to see where I have been today and yesterday! Great acoustics hey? 

Now many of us are wondering just what he was singing and lots of guessing has been going on in Facebook and also Twitter.  The consensus is that whatever the song is it will be perfect.  Of course he may be recording more than one in such a splendid setting and he may (or may not) be accompanied by the organ.

Isn’t it great to be part of Jonathan’s journey towards being the best tenor voice England has produced for generations?

Editor’s note: To those who want to know if he’s wearing shoes - I have it on good authority that in the photograph he’s without shoes but has kept his socks on!  

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another Superb Graphic

The artistic ability of some Fantoines continues to amaze.  The above image was created by Lori Kolwyck-Kemp and she has given me permission to use it here.

As Lori is American she’s used an image of an American city. One day, I have no doubt, Jonathan’s picture will adorn the Carnegie Hall and many other world renowned concert venues.