Saturday, 21 June 2014

Recording Completed!

Yesterday (Friday) Jonathan commented on his Facebook page that finally the voice recording for his solo CD is finished.  

It seems to have been a wonderful experience for him and - going by the photos he’s posted - Sony have pulled out all the stops to ensure the CD will be first class. He deserves to work with quality professionals who obviously have recognised his unique talent and he’s been very gracious with his thanks to ‘the wonderful team’.  I’m sure they felt privileged to be part of his journey.

There’s so much excitement about the release of the album yet it is some months away. 

Here’s another photograph he posted.  It’s taken inside the church in East Finchley where he recorded some tracks recently.  We all know he feels the heat quite a bit, so he was able to work barefoot both here in during studio recordings, the result is he’s been nicknamed ‘The Barefoot Tenor’.  

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