Thursday, 26 June 2014

Viva España!

Earlier this week Jonathan announced he was off to Spain to perform.  How he coped with the hundreds of enquiries demanding information about where, who, why etc couldn’t have been easy.

We all want to know as much as possible about his performances but this one was another private event.  Possibly more information will appear online and if so I’ll post it here.

The photograph is the view from his hotel balcony in Sitges (30km south of Barcelona).  I’ve used artistic licence for the title of this post because, as soon as he said - in a tweet - he’d landed in Barcelona, ‘that’ song sprang to mind!

In a reply to Fantoines BeaGee and Karen he tweeted his repertoire for the evening.  Oh how I wish I’d been there to hear these 4 songs, particularly Caruso sung solo by him. 

Jonathan Antoine @JonAntoine 17m
@BeaGee3 @karensunnydays 4 songs Bea - S.Lucia, Caruso, O Sole Mio and Time to say Goodbye  xx

He’s always so generous in his thanks to his audiences and accompanying musicians too. (the following a reply to Karen).

I hope so Karen, fantastic audience and wonderful orchestra too - a great experience all round <3

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