Monday, 16 June 2014

Another Beautiful Performance

Last night Jonathan performed at London’s Natural History Museum, along with Lucy Kay, at the One For The Boys Fashion Ball.  

The host, Samuel L Jackson, specifically requested Jonathan’s rendition of one of his favourite songs he performed it beautifully (I hear on the grapevine).

Doesn’t he look content?  Now he’s a solo artiste he is able to pick and choose his singing partners and I’m sure we will have many, many hours of listening pleasure in the years to come. 

I think he returns to recording this week but I’ll keep you all updated. 


Glennis Higgins said...

He looks lovely❤️ full of confidence. Let's hope we get to see him at an event very soon. 😘

sally anne adams said...

Thank you for keeping everyone informed of what Jonathan is doing. He looked fantastic last night and I know he would have sounded fantastic too. Nice to see him with the lovely Lucy Kay from BGT this year I'm sure her voice complimented Jonathan's. Would love to be able to hear them sing the song Samuel L Jackson chose for Jonathan to sing x

Joanne Corns said...

That look he is lost in his music. Love the look on his face. He sure onows what he is doing. Confidence is a good look for him. Voice of an angel face a true man. Gotta love him !!!!!<3

Joanne Corns said...
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Joanne Corns said...
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