Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Meet the Latest Member of the Antoine Family

Last week the Antoine family lost  their beloved elderly cat Crystal Tips.  It’s hard when a family pet dies even though they know it is unwell.  Crystal Tips became unwell when Jonathan was touring with Russell Watson, but she recovered enough to hold on for a few weeks.

However, Sony very kindly stepped into the breach after they realised how upset Jonathan was about Crystal Tips and took him to Battersea. It was a complete surprise for him as you can see by the photo (left).

Looks quite excited doesn’t he?

So who have we here?

Let me introduce you to Willow, the latest member of the Antoine family.

From the look on Jonathan’s face it was love at first sight!  This adorable furry ball doesn’t know how lucky she is does she?  

I know little about cats but it seems it will take a little time for Willow to be accepted by the other two who are both ten years old. There will be a bit of hierarchy play in the Antoine home for a few weeks no doubt.

The newest Fantoine

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Jane Hyatt said...

I see a look if wonderment in those eyes she must be listening to Jonathan singing♥