Friday, 6 June 2014

The Recording Continues

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As most followers of this astonishing young man will know, in the past few weeks he has been rehearsing or recording his first solo album (link to preorder at Amazon UK).

Yesterday’s Facebook post included the above image accompanied by the words:

I thought you may all like to see where I have been today and yesterday! Great acoustics hey? 

Now many of us are wondering just what he was singing and lots of guessing has been going on in Facebook and also Twitter.  The consensus is that whatever the song is it will be perfect.  Of course he may be recording more than one in such a splendid setting and he may (or may not) be accompanied by the organ.

Isn’t it great to be part of Jonathan’s journey towards being the best tenor voice England has produced for generations?

Editor’s note: To those who want to know if he’s wearing shoes - I have it on good authority that in the photograph he’s without shoes but has kept his socks on!  

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