Tuesday, 18 February 2014

'Valentine for Jonathan Antoine 2014’ - video

Thanks to ‘Anna Mae’ who I’ve heard is a male fan of Jonathan’s.  He thanked those whose photos he used in the production.

Aren’t Jonathan’s fans some of the most lovely and devoted people?  That’s because this young man has something so very special. There are plenty superlatives to describe his singing but few to describe Jonathan the man.  All I can say is he gives himself totally when he sings - he doesn’t just ‘perform’.

The words ‘touches my soul’ are often mentioned when people describe him. Certainly his voice sooths my soul when it’s a little troubled and I know of only two singers have done that in my lifetime of 56 plus 20% tax. They didn’t quite reach the spot Jonathan does. 

This is beautiful. I hope you agree.

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