Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Jonathan Captures Hearts In Wales

The wee Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl was buzzing on Saturday night and I understand, from Chris Needs on his nightly show, Jonathan’s still the talk of the town.

What a evening of splendid entertainment!  So much effort had been put into the organisation and production, it was a pleasure to sit back and enjoy a few hours of good ‘old fashoned' entertainment.

Chris Needs’ energy knew no bounds and his parodies rocked the hall with laughter.  What a trouper he is!

The concert included a variety of performers but the star of the show was Jonathan. (I apologise not listing the other performers but there was no programme and I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t think to write down all the names).

Jonathan sang 5 songs: la donne e mobile, Granada, panis angelicus, Bring Him Home and his encore was O sole mio.  

The walls reverberated with applause and I doubt if any Fantoine who was present has yet managed to wipe their smile of delight off their face.  I certainly haven’t.

What a night  a delicious treat and a feast for the soul for those who attended.  There are so many photographs floating round the internet, but the ones I have posted here are by the wonderful photographer - who came all the way from Denmark with his wife Bente - Bjarne Hemmingsen. Please do look around for others.

Also I have to mention the lovely Allison Gentle who travelled all the way from Australia to hear Jonathan sing.  She arrived on the Saturday and left UK on Sunday.

The above photograph was taken with my camera.  Bjarne has no competition does he?

I sincerely hope the evening raised lots of money for Chris’s charity. He will give an update on a future radio show no doubt.


Glennis Higgins said...

I know the Welsh appreciate a good singing voice and I think they were blown away by Jonathan, I don't know anyone who has heard him sing live and hasn't fallen in love with him instantly. A lovely young man and a fabulous singer. Bruce Anderson and Tammy Jones contributed to a wonderful evening of entertainment.

subrosa said...

Thank you for naming a couple of the other performers Glennis. As I said in the post, I was too engrossed and forgot to write them down.

Great evening wasn’t it?