Monday, 20 October 2014

Interview BBC Radio Scotland Tuesday Evening

Image by kind permission of Fantoine Lin Gee

It’s always good to be rewarded isn’t it? 

For months I’ve been emailing Scotland’s radio stations about Jonathan but none has a programme similar to the wonderful Chris Needs at BBC Radio Wales.

However, undaunted - well most of the time - I’m reliably informed by the BBC that tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at 8.05pm, the BBC Radio Scotland’s Classics Unwrapped presenter Jamie McDougall, will be interviewing Jonathan and playing a track from Tenore.

This weekly programme lasts for nearly 2 hours, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it while you wait for Jonathan’s interview.  Please tune in by your various methods.  If some of you overseas would like to put your ‘method’ and the link in comments that would be a great help to those who haven’t attempted listening to a radio station outside their own country.  Thanks.

Now all I need is for a few more of Scotland’s radio stations to recognise exceptional talent when they hear it.  It will happen, but we’re slow up here.

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