Monday, 6 October 2014

Pre-Release Excitement

Picture:  Paul Marc Mitchell

Isn’t this a super photograph?  This past week has been so busy for ‘our boy’ as he promotes his album and he will be as busy this week.

The Daily Telegraph was very complimentary about Jonathan’s performance at the iTunes Festival last week, but I was slightly disappointed with the lack of other reviews from the main stream media.  It seems few leading newspapers employ journalists who specialise in the arts these days which forces people online.  Sadly quite a few of our older generation now miss out because, for one reason or another, they do not use computers. Throughout the UK classes are provided for anyone who would like to learn about IT (Information Technology) so please try to encourage the older members of your family to ‘have a go’.

There was an excellent interview with Jonathan in the Yorkshire Evening Post a couple of days ago, plus Sony released a super video in which Jonathan discusses each track of his album.  Unfortunately it is too long for posting on this blog but it can be seen on YouTube. Don’t miss it because those of you who have yet to meet Jonathan will finally hear him talking and it’s a wonderful insight into his reasons for his track choices.

Tenore, as well we now being available on Amazon Germany (release date 21 October), is now available for pre-order from the US iTunes store for those of you residing in the US.  The release date is still early November but it will be worth the wait as we all know.


Roger Reinke said...

always love to stop by and ck out this page for latest on Jonathan. ( Just a note that we here in the US were not able to view the track by track blog on youtube as it says the uploader was not made avail for our country.) Thx again for all the time and effort put into this page all :)

subrosa said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Roger. So sorry about the track by track not being available to you. I thought it was and will look into it.

Roger, I started this blog because so many people don’t use Facebook and I’ve enjoyed doing it. It can be time consuming as a one-man-band but if it helps Jonathan on his way then it’s worth every second. :D :D