Friday, 31 October 2014

London Poppy Day and Reviewing

Yesterday Jonathan took part in London Poppy Day which is a fantastic annual event organised by the British Legion.

He started his day on a London bus visiting No 10 Downing Street (home of the British Prime Minister) and images of him flew around the television channels during the morning.  The above was captured by Jan Smith Head Fantoine who keeps us on our toes!

Following his chat with the Prime Minister, the bus left for Covent Garden where Jonathan did a special Balcony Show on the Uk release day of his album (13 October in case you’ve forgotten).

We’re very lucky to have a recording of his performance at Covent Garden taken by one of the Fantoines, but I’ve been a little remiss and not asked her permission to use it - although I’m sure she will be thrilled - so ‘tune in’ tomorrow, by which time I will have her assent. It’s certainly a video you won’t want to miss.

The photograph to the left is a sneak preview of Jonathan on stage at Covent Garden yesterday afternoon.

There were lots of photographers there so other photos are bound to appear on the internet. Try ‘googling' for them.

Another subject altogether: Reviewing on Amazon 

The following is part of an email I received recently from a delightful Fantoine marketing expert, Sue Zange, who asked if I could explain the importance of Amazon reviews on Tenore.

 I know we are all loving the wonderful success Jonathan is achieving with this first solo album Tenore. We Fantoines can help even more in keeping the momentum going.  Let’s keep the pace up with letting everyone know how wonderful it is and post our reviews on Amazon. #telltheworldaboutjonathan

Amazon reviews are a critical part of ensuring Tenore stays high in the charts. Of course not all of us are wordsmiths and even those who like writing reviews can find it slightly difficult finding enough adjectives to describe Jonathan’s exceptional talent and personality.  One word will suffice if you’re stuck, because now Amazon don’t insist upon a defined number of words in a review.  You can write a review on Amazon even though you purchased Tenore elsewhere.

Here is the link for the CD on Amazon UK.  Once you’ve finished your review on that page, please go to the Tenore MP3 page and do another if you don’t mind. Not tired yet?  Then scroll down the MP3 page and review each track by clicking on the name of each track (not the ‘play’ arrow).  If you have problems please email me.

If you do read other reviews please click the YES button at the side of ‘do you find this helpful’.  All these actions are collated by Amazon and will keep Tenori high in the listings.

Once you’ve done all that, sit back and relax in the knowledge that you’ve made a great contribution towards keeping 'our boy' up there where he belongs.  In a couple of days your help will be needed all over again by reviewing on once Tenore is released in the US.

Thank you all so much.  Every little helps and remember, your review is as important as every other one.

Should anyone have any questions about reviewing please email me and I’ll do my best to help. Email address is over there. >>>

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