Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Beverley Hills Meets The Maestro

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Jonathan, accompanied by his Mum Tracy and sister Charlotte arrived safely in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The private event in which he performed was at one of the biggest global conferences - the Milken Institute.  He wowed the audience of prominent business people.

The photograph show Jonathan, on stage after performing, with David Foster, Babyface, Chris Tucker and a representative of the Milken Institute.

He has another private event to attend before he flies back to the UK so watch this space!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Update - Stand By America, Here He Comes Again!

Superstar in making Jonathan Antoine flying back to LA today as guest of the Legend that is David Foster

To those that do not know the legend that is David Foster - know

Two tweets today from Jonathan Shalit, Jonathan’s manager. It’s a long flight, about 11 hours, so hopefully everyone will be able to have a good rest.

Jonathan is accompanied by his Mum and sister Charlotte and he will be performing at two private events during his time on the west coast of the US.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Jonathan’s Off To America Again!

Well I must say - I don't have much time to be bored - looks like I'm going back to the U.S. on Sunday :D xx

He hasn’t been back two weeks yet he’s flying over the Atlantic again. As yet there’s no further information but plenty speculation on Facebook!

We wish him a safe and successful return visit to the US.

Ed: I’ll update when I have further news.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Jonathan - A Celebration from his Devoted Fans

Created by the wonderfully talented Sonya. Many thanks Sonya.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Phoenix Video!! A Must See.

I was keeping this as a treat for Easter Sunday.

Jonathan’s sister, Charlotte, managed to take this at the Celebrity Fight Night event in Phoenix on Saturday, 12 April. Jonathan has now posted it on his Facebook page.

Will you resist watching it more than once?  I doubt it!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Phoenix Montage

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A super montage of Jonathan performing last Saturday night at the Celebrity Fight Night event in Phoenix Arizona.

Created by the tremendously talented Sonya.  She quietly collects photos on various Fantoines FB pages and puts them together for us all to see.  Wonderful work. Thanks.

Don’t forget to click on the image to enlarge it.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Gorgeous Gifts

A selection of gifts Jonathan, Tracy and Charlotte received at their Phoenix hotel last weekend prior to his performance at the Celebrity Fight Night event.

Aren’t worldwide Fantoines fantastic?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

London - The Final Night of the Russell Watson Tour

Tonight is the Grande Finale of Russell Watson’s tour in the Royal Festival Hall, London and Jonathan’s now safely back in UK from Phoenix.  Many Fantoines are meeting in London and some have travelled from as far as Australia and parts of Europe to join in the fun.

The photograph below was taken by Sue Tiffin (above with Jonathan) after the Bournemouth performance last week.  She has given me permission to use them and so have the others in the photos.  It’s good to put a face to a name isn’t it.

If any of you has ever wondered who organises many of the fan meetings, look no further than the person behind Jonathan in this photo. Yes, that’s Jan Smith, the Head Fantoine, or as we say here in Scotland ‘the heid bummer’.  She’s usually a very demure, serious person who is highly organised.  This is an example of ‘The Jonathan Effect’. Oh, it’s also her birthday today so Happy Birthday Jan.

The lovely Sally Anne with Jonathan.  Sally Anne hates having her photograph taken but makes an exception when Jonathan is concerned.  The picture isn’t good quality because it was taken by an iPad in a dark car park, but I like it.

Once everyone gets home after the celebrations tonight, there will be more photos to show.

Have a great time all of you and most of all have fun.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Phoenix (part 4)

Such an exciting Saturday night/Sunday morning here in the UK. Several fans from the US and UK stuck with Twitter until finally photos were tweeted by those in attendance. Now there are so many and I’ve selected just a few.  You will find others if you google Jonathan’s name.

I’ve chosen a few which show The Antoine enjoying the well deserved standing ovation he received for his rendition of O Sole Mio. Reports say the audience was overwhelmed by his voice and “chills” and “goosebumps” are words repeatedly mentioned.

Celebrating success with David Foster who wrote
“The Prayer’.  He also accompanied Jonathan on piano 


Thanking the audience for their appreciation

The room of 1500 stars and guests had no idea Jonathan would be appearing as he wasn’t on the programme. Most had never heard his name but they have now!

His performance was faultless and thrilled the room, leaving many muttering “chills” and “goosebumps” for the rest of the evening.

An exception young man with an exceptional talent and personality. Combine that with an exceptional Mum, Dad and sister as his support ‘team’ and, as all fans know, we are privileged to witness another chapter in the career of the remarkable tenor Jonathan Antoine.  We’re all so very, very proud of you Jonathan!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Phoenix - The Big Day (Part 3)

The excitement is building amongst Fantoines on Facebook, Twitter and I’m sure elsewhere.

Jan tweeted the following to Jonathan I would like to send very best wishes for tonight from all the blog readers.  If you do use Twitter, I’m sure Jonathan would appreciate you’re support.

Let’s not forget his Mum Tracy and sister Charlotte, who will have been quietly working hard in the background.  They too deserve a round of applause.

sending all good wishes for a fantastic event. With you in spirit xx

Phoenix - The Big Day (Part 2)

So much has happened in the last couple of hours since the last post was published.  

Jonathan performed at the Celebrity Fight Night Founders Dinner. The picture above was taken by his sister Charlotte and he’s singing with the world-renowned musician, composer, producer David Foster.

Jonathan Shalit (Jonathan’s manager) tweeted @jonathanshalit :

Celebrity Fight Night Phoenix Arizona ... Wow ..amazing ..... Oh my God .... Some of the words being said

Jonathan's two songs were O Sole Mio and Ave Maria.

A Fantoine report from our brave on-the-spot reporter Karen is on Jonathan’s Facebook page and I hope she doesn’t mind if it’s republished here for all to see. 

OMG! What an amazing sound that was!! I went for my 'stroll' at 8.25pm towards a marquee where I knew a certain tenor would be singing. I loitered by the catering section and hiding from security. Every now and then a torch would shine my way (awwww my very own spotlight). I just kept taking baby steps closer to the catering until a security guard came over and asked if he could help me. Casual as you like I told him I was fine and he started to walk away but came back. He then asked again if he could help me but again I said I was fine. Third time he asked why I was standing alone in the dark lol. I told him that all I wanted to hear was Jonathan Antoine singing then I'd go. Told him he should stick around to hear him!! I waited for half an hour then all of a sudden I heard his name and then that voice!! Sensational and you should have heard the crowd, went wild!! I thought he was only singing one song but as I walked away (much to the security guards relief) I heard Ave Maria so I legged it back and yes, again, the crowd were going mad for him!! Oh my did I skip back up that dark road full of ants scorpions and god knows what else! I went out to the front of hotel for a cig and was chatting to the bell hop. I asked him if he'd heard the singing and he hadn't. Told him Jonathan's name and he should listen out for him. I showed him my soggy tissues, he sang Frank Sinatra to me and then we danced. This is so going to happen for J - they bloody loved him xx

If that is the response from 150 people, can you imagine what it will be like tonight in a room filled with 1500?  

ABC15 are broadcasting live from the Red Carpet from 6pm (Arizona time) and hopefully you can watch it if you click this link then scroll down for the Celebrity Fight Night link.

It’s going to be a very late, but exciting, night for those of us in Europe and the UK.

Phoenix - The Big Day (Part 1)

The first post on the Big Day. Hopefully there will be more news to impart later.

It’s morning here in the UK and most of America will still be sleeping, but I thought you may like to see a couple of photos Karen - our on the spot reporter - posted on her own Facebook page.  

On Thursday she met up with a another lovely Fantoine Sharon, who lives about a 90 minute drive from Phoenix, and they spent the day together doing what women do best - shopping!

The above photo was taken at their lunch break.

Isn’t it good to put a face to a name?  This is Sharon who entertained Karen on Thursday. Such a happy picture. Hope your leg gets better soon Sharon.  Don’t think a frantic 6 hour shopping spree was the best medicine though!

On Twitter Fantoine Bente sent this to Jonathan.  She’s so right isn’t she?

Jonathan when you let Ur voice fill Phoenix,U will 4ever leave a print in th audience's heart like thisXx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday’s Phoenix Diary

Jonathan posted the above photograph on Facebook about 6 hours ago, accompanied by the following message:

Some friends accompanied us as a token of the love from you all - more have joined and flowers, gifts, cards and messages  I really do love and appreciate every one of you!

He also posted it on Twitter in case any of you missed it. (The link to his Twitter page is in the right hand column).

I happened to notice that Jonathan’s hotel management also sent him a lovely tweet:

We are looking forward to seeing you perform tomorrow night! Thank you for being a part of such an amazing event!

How lucky they are to be witnessing Jonathan’s debut in the US. As well as being lucky they’re privileged aren’t they, because they will be able to say, in years to come, “I was in Phoenix when Jonathan first sang in the US”.

Fortunately we have our intrepid Fantoine Karen on site and hopefully she may manage a little tweeting from the event tomorrow evening.  Thank you Karen for being there to represent each and every one of us. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Jonathan To Make Debut In The USA

At around 3am UK time, Jonathan, his Mum Tracy and sister Charlotte arrived in Phoenix, Arizona.

Some months ago he was invited to sing at the massive charity event Celebrity Fight Night and he’ll be performing there this Saturday, 12 April.

We’re very lucky because one Fantoine is also attending the event so hopefully Karen will keep us all up to date.

If you do use Twitter please keep an eye on Jonathan’s tweets.

I’ll do my best to keep you all up to date each day of his first solo performance in the USA.  

Exciting few days ahead!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

'Just Because' by Sonya

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bournemouth - Jonathan and sister Charlotte

Posted on Jonathan’s Facebook page earlier today:

I know this photo isn't very clear but I wanted to share it anyway - me with my lovely sister last night taken by Jan. She did the driving to Bournemouth yesterday so thank you Charlotte Antoine, and of course Mum for hair/make-up etc etc  xx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Another Tour Video

This one was recorded by a Russell Watson fan who attended the concert at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham on 21 March.