Tuesday, 15 April 2014

London - The Final Night of the Russell Watson Tour

Tonight is the Grande Finale of Russell Watson’s tour in the Royal Festival Hall, London and Jonathan’s now safely back in UK from Phoenix.  Many Fantoines are meeting in London and some have travelled from as far as Australia and parts of Europe to join in the fun.

The photograph below was taken by Sue Tiffin (above with Jonathan) after the Bournemouth performance last week.  She has given me permission to use them and so have the others in the photos.  It’s good to put a face to a name isn’t it.

If any of you has ever wondered who organises many of the fan meetings, look no further than the person behind Jonathan in this photo. Yes, that’s Jan Smith, the Head Fantoine, or as we say here in Scotland ‘the heid bummer’.  She’s usually a very demure, serious person who is highly organised.  This is an example of ‘The Jonathan Effect’. Oh, it’s also her birthday today so Happy Birthday Jan.

The lovely Sally Anne with Jonathan.  Sally Anne hates having her photograph taken but makes an exception when Jonathan is concerned.  The picture isn’t good quality because it was taken by an iPad in a dark car park, but I like it.

Once everyone gets home after the celebrations tonight, there will be more photos to show.

Have a great time all of you and most of all have fun.

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