Saturday, 12 April 2014

Phoenix - The Big Day (Part 2)

So much has happened in the last couple of hours since the last post was published.  

Jonathan performed at the Celebrity Fight Night Founders Dinner. The picture above was taken by his sister Charlotte and he’s singing with the world-renowned musician, composer, producer David Foster.

Jonathan Shalit (Jonathan’s manager) tweeted @jonathanshalit :

Celebrity Fight Night Phoenix Arizona ... Wow ..amazing ..... Oh my God .... Some of the words being said

Jonathan's two songs were O Sole Mio and Ave Maria.

A Fantoine report from our brave on-the-spot reporter Karen is on Jonathan’s Facebook page and I hope she doesn’t mind if it’s republished here for all to see. 

OMG! What an amazing sound that was!! I went for my 'stroll' at 8.25pm towards a marquee where I knew a certain tenor would be singing. I loitered by the catering section and hiding from security. Every now and then a torch would shine my way (awwww my very own spotlight). I just kept taking baby steps closer to the catering until a security guard came over and asked if he could help me. Casual as you like I told him I was fine and he started to walk away but came back. He then asked again if he could help me but again I said I was fine. Third time he asked why I was standing alone in the dark lol. I told him that all I wanted to hear was Jonathan Antoine singing then I'd go. Told him he should stick around to hear him!! I waited for half an hour then all of a sudden I heard his name and then that voice!! Sensational and you should have heard the crowd, went wild!! I thought he was only singing one song but as I walked away (much to the security guards relief) I heard Ave Maria so I legged it back and yes, again, the crowd were going mad for him!! Oh my did I skip back up that dark road full of ants scorpions and god knows what else! I went out to the front of hotel for a cig and was chatting to the bell hop. I asked him if he'd heard the singing and he hadn't. Told him Jonathan's name and he should listen out for him. I showed him my soggy tissues, he sang Frank Sinatra to me and then we danced. This is so going to happen for J - they bloody loved him xx

If that is the response from 150 people, can you imagine what it will be like tonight in a room filled with 1500?  

ABC15 are broadcasting live from the Red Carpet from 6pm (Arizona time) and hopefully you can watch it if you click this link then scroll down for the Celebrity Fight Night link.

It’s going to be a very late, but exciting, night for those of us in Europe and the UK.

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Sally Belding said...

Thank you Karen for sharing this with us...I hope we get to hear a full video of Jonathan singing his songs..I knew he would be well received in America...and I knew David Foster would love Jonathan..thank you for this review I so appreciate it...xoxo