Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bournemouth - Jonathan and sister Charlotte

Posted on Jonathan’s Facebook page earlier today:

I know this photo isn't very clear but I wanted to share it anyway - me with my lovely sister last night taken by Jan. She did the driving to Bournemouth yesterday so thank you Charlotte Antoine, and of course Mum for hair/make-up etc etc  xx


Debby Dux said...

Lovely... two very special young people who we love dearly! <3

newfypete said...

can any one tell me what has happened or where can i hear the last track of jonathan and charlotte singing time to say goodbye that was supposed to be released for mothers day as promised on their official sight i can't find it anywhere!! many thanks pete williams

subrosa said...

Newfypete, as far as we know the track hasn’t been released yet.

Some fans have contacted Sony about it but had no reply.

As soon as we hear of anything it will be posted on here so keep looking. It will also be on Twitter so follow us on @TheFantoines to keep up to date.

Hope that helps.

subrosa said...

We do indeed Debby. :D