Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Jonathan Guest Of Placido Domingo

Today’s the day!  This evening, at 9pm UK time, iTunes will broadcast live the finale of the iTunes Festival starring Placido Domingo. Have a told you he’s my second favourite tenor?  Possibly!  As we already know Placido has invited Jonathan to be his special guest so Fantoines are very excited.  Many have managed to get the free tickets and will be travelling to London for the event.

For those of you who are having difficulty accessing the live broadcast let me help if I can.  Firstly you need to download the iTunes app because you won’t be able to access the broadcast without it.  Apologies for the link applying only to OSX (the operating system for Macs) but because I use a Mac it tends to automatically send me to the Mac site.

If you use a PC, Android device or iPad just google ‘iTunes for xxx' (your device) although I’m not sure it will work on devices. Desktop computers and laptops are your best bet.

Don’t forget to register the app as I don’t think you will gain access without doing that.

Once you’ve downloaded the app then all you have to do is google 'iTunes festival 2014’ and you will automatically be directed, through iTunes, to the page. At 9pm the live broadcast should appear on the main page.

If anyone is unable to view it live, I understand iTunes will make it available to all, free of charge, for a few days after the event.

May I wish all the Fantoines, who are lucky enough to attend, a wonderful evening.  At times like this I regret living 500+ miles from London but we can all join in the fun with this free broadcast.

I do hope it works for all of you.


geri hanafin said...

Thank you for the info Ruth, I will be one of the lucky ones there...But I will come back and watch it again

JonathanFan said...

Pleasure Geri. This was to try to help those who are unsure about how to get to it.

Have the most wonderful time. Goes without saying I wish I was there too! x

Linda Darghous said...

Hi there ,

I have the itunes app but couldn't find the actual itunes festival 2014 - really want to hear the Jonathan bit, so would appreciate the direct link please.

Thanks so much,