Thursday, 25 September 2014

Jonathan in Manchester (video)

I’m hoping Lindsay doesn’t mind me posting this here. I did ask her permission and her reply was ambiguous as I don’t think she saw my comment on Facebook.

It seems it was raining in Manchester this afternoon and cool, yet here in the Highlands it was sunny, warm and 21 degrees. Is it any wonder the folk in the British Isles always speak about ‘the weather’.

Scotland isn’t always cold, damp and wet!

Sit back, relax and enjoy. Thank you very much Lindsay. I don’t think you realise you’ve made so very many Fantoines, who don’t use Facebook or Twitter, very happy. I think this is a super recording considering it was done on a mobile phone.


Eva Fischer said...

OH wow what a joy, you do have s beautiful voice, even on a balcony <3 <3 <3

Joanne Corns said...

Yes THANK YOU LINDSEY You made alot of FANTOINES HAPPY with this recording .It is really wonderful that you shared like I said something only a TRUE FANTOINE share anything jonny with other TRUE FANTOINES THANK YOU FROM MARLEY AND I and many other FANTOINES. Thank you thank you thank you

Shaunet said...

Thank you so much for the video - its almost (well,sort of LOL ) like being there. Such a treat for those of us not in the UK -2 songs - Loved it!

JonathanFan said...

He does doesn’t he Eva? Superb performances all last week I’m reliably informed. :D

JonathanFan said...

Joanne, Lindsay didn’t reply to my message asking her permission for this, but as she posted it for public use I took the liberty of posting it here.

I always try to receive the person’s permission but on occasion it’s impossible. Mind you I only post if the information is in the public domain on FB. :D

JonathanFan said...

It is isn’t it Shaunet? I wasn’t there last week either but the videos bring it all into my home. :D