Sunday, 21 September 2014

Jonathan to be the Guest of Placido Domingo

There’s more exciting news.  Rather like buses, we wait for some time, then two or more come along at the same time.

However, this news is exciting.

Jonathan is to be the guest of Placido Domingo (my second favourite tenor) at the iTunes Festival on Saturday 30 September.  The concert will take place at the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH.  This concert is the Festival’s last one and obviously it’s intended it finishes on a very high note (excuse the pun).  For legal reasons tickets are only available to those resident in the UK.

Tickets are free but it’s a lottery.  You can apply to win free tickets here. No travel or accommodation is included should you win tickets.  Please read the FAQs on the same page and note that should you be lucky enough to win tickets, you must confirm before the 72-hour deadline, so check your email daily.

According to the programme Placido will start at approximately 9.00pm and performances finish around 10.30pm.  All ticket holders must in there by 8.00pm.

However, all is not lost for those who don’t win tickets because iTunes say:

Fans around the world can watch it for free — live or for a limited time afterward — with iTunes on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or computer, or big screen with Apple TV.

There are several ways to watch shows both live or afterwards for a limited time: Via the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or computer. Using Apple TV (select iTunes Festival from the main menu) or using AirPlay. To learn more visit
You can download iTunes here.  If you use a Windows computer or Windows device click on the link after the Mac information.
I’ve never watched a live stream on iTunes before but I intend to do so before the 30 September - just to ensure it works for me.
Good luck if you apply for tickets.

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