Saturday, 27 September 2014

Balcony Shows Wow The Public

Apologies for not keeping you all informed daily of Jonathan’s travels but I’ve a wee retina problem in one eye and am trying not to spend much time on the computer.  (Trying being the word!)

Jonathan’s Balcony Show tour of England and Wales this week has been a massive success.  Well done to Sony for organising this so well and congratulations to Jonathan for magnificent performances on each occasion.

After Manchester he travelled to Birmingham where he sang from the balcony at Pizza Express in the Bullring. He’s pictured above with the manager of Pizza Express, Sam Rahman, who posted the photograph on Jonathan’s Facebook page.

Onwards to Cardiff on Saturday where many fans had gathered to hear his last balcony performance.  The wonderful Chris Needs was there to rally the crowds while Fantoines rushed around distributing flyers to everyone.

In the coming week I hope to post a video or two if I can get permission from the owners.

There’s no doubt Jonathan’s first CD is going to be a sell out and signed copies of it and vinyl are available here. These are limited editions and selling very fast so get your orders in now.

If you attended any of the Balcony Shows it would be good to hear your thoughts so please comment at the end of this post.  Thanks.


Eva Fischer said...

I am sitting here in good old Denmark, following every step of Jonathans career and it does set my heart up in an ekstra gear, knowing that he is becomming such a big opera star, no doubt about that . Jonathan has a lot of close followers and Fantoines all over the world and we all feel, like we are so close, every time something happens to him and we just love to " around" to hear him sing. It takes us to another level. Those of us who will be fortunate to come and see him from time to time, live for all the news about him and his singing though his fanpage and Jonathan is on his page himself, whenever he can. He is the living image of all great tenors, put together in one body - The Master himself - Jonathan. Cant wait to hear and meet him at the end of November <3 <3 <3 from one loyal Fantoine <3 <3 <3

Roger Reinke said...

Thank you for the update and awesome review, I shall be waiting my copies of the new CD release soon :)

JonathanFan said...

You’re coming over at the end of November Eva? You’ll have a great time I know.

I can’t fly for a few months so won’t be there but look forward to hearing all about it.

JonathanFan said...

Roger, what kind remarks. We’re all excited about the CD but not long now - 13 days and counting. x