Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It’s Photo Shoot Day!

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Via Twitter:

Photoshoot day! With the lovely Tara & Elizabeth, how lucky am I?!

I think Tara and Elizabeth are the lucky ones, don’t you?

The Secret’s Out!

For weeks now Fantoines have been begging Jonathan to disclose the title of his album and yesterday was the day.

Some wonderful artwork has appeared on Facebook.  The above video was posted on Jonathan’s page by Sue Winspear (not Sue Tiffin the brilliant photographer).

The above was posted by Lin Gee. Fantoines will now be thinking of sweatshirts or hoodies like this because it will certainly be colder on 13 October.

This one (above) was posted by Bea Gee.

Sue Tiffin’s contribution would make a superb album cover.  Wonderful, thanks Sue.

So many talented Fantoines have contributed and I’ll try to bring you more soon. Jonathan’s having a busy week so we’ll see why no doubt.

Have you worked out the album’s name yet? You’re right - it’s TENORE!!  Perfect. Simple. Honest.

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Amazing Jonathan Antoine

Compiled and produced by the lovely Sonya.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Bring Him Home - close up

Earlier this week Jonathan shared the above video on Facebook.  It was taken by Hannah and sent to him.

Seeing his face when singing always makes a song just that little bit more emotional for us. 

Sony Masterworks ought to consider a DVD of his next concert.  It would sell like hotcakes.  Doesn’t have to be the whole concert, we’d be happy with excerpts if necessary wouldn’t we?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Joy of Achievement

A couple of days ago Jonathan posted the above photo showing his last day recording his solo CD which we are sure will reach dizzy heights and make him one of the most sought after tenors in the world.

Here’s his explanation:

On the last day of recording in the church - my Mum secretly recorded me singing my last song as she was behind me - I was rather exuberant and we, (Julian who you can see conducting me and I) had a great time! When you know the song list I wonder if you'll be able to guess which song I was singing here. It's hard to get out of your head once it's there!!Please feel free to pre-order  smarturl.it/JAntoine much love!

I’ve no idea what it could, do you?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Change of CD Release Date

Sony Masterworks has brought forward the release of Jonathan’s CD by two weeks making it the 13 October, 2014.

I do hope this won’t inconvenience any Fantoines who have made arrangements for a celebration.

You may like to put the new date in your diary.

I’ve amended the countdown clock over there. > >

Monday, 14 July 2014

Part Two of Last Night’s Performance

So well worth waiting for isn’t it?  It is most of the run-through prior to the audience arriving at the church.

It’s great to see Jonathan perform musical theatre/classical crossover but classical is where Jonathan, without doubt, surpasses all of his peers.  

In recent months I’ve tried to be objective (so difficult) whilst comparing his few performances we have online with the ‘great tenors’ of today. Their ages range from 38 - 70+. There’s nobody younger than 38 or so who compares and only Domingo compares in my opinion. 

Music is so personal isn’t it and we all have different ideas of what is perfection.  Makes for an interesting world!

Someone mentioned on Twitter that he’s far superior to Andrea Bocelli and - of course - I agree. Jonathan’s voice translates his inner emotion and understanding of the message he sings in a quality of tone that I’ve never before heard during my long lifetime. Bocelli shows far less emotion and lacks the quality of depth of tone.

Jings, I’m sounding like an armchair music critic, which I suppose I am.  Most of you will understand what I mean I hope though.


Wakey! Wakey! Last Night’s Performance - Part One!

Last night Jonathan returned to his old school, West Hatch High School, in Essex, to sing for the very important birthday of his old music teacher Jenny Ewington. The performance was in a local church.

This is a recording of one of his two solos.  I’m hoping a recording has been made of his second solo.

He tweeted this prior to posting the video:

Good singing without a microphone too!  you know I always liked it that way - well I'm sure I told you before!! This was at the end of my second song - one that's quite special to me, and Jenny - I wonder if any of you will guess it? xx
I hope you enjoy your Monday morning music from our super star.

Don’t forget to let your friends know about Jonathan’s CD release please (link in the right hand column).

Part Two will follow shortly.  What do you think it will be?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Jonathan’s Album Showcase

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Earlier this evening Twitter was alive with excitement when it was discovered Jonathan was showcasing his album to a private audience at the Arts Club, London.

By all accounts it was an amazing success, even though he was still suffering from hay fever and one Fantoine, ‘Jon Antoines Hanky’ tried very hard to discover the album title from someone who attending the event.  As you can see the guest was determined to keep quiet - so we still don’t know the title!

Another guest tweeted the following photograph. It’s not particularly clear but I’m sure other photos of the event will be available soon and I will post them for you.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jonathan to Appear at Chris Needs Charity Event in Wales

Chris Needs, MBE, is a leading anchor in BBC Wales.  He hosts a four hour show every weekday evening and has become a staunch fan of Jonathan since one of the Fantoines, Ivy Yeo, introduced him to Jonathan’s voice.  

Ivy herself is Welsh and listens to the programme regularly.  She has quietly ensured that Jonathan receives as much promotion as possible through Chris and many Fantoines now tune in too.  You can hear previous programmes on the link above.

Chris also hosts a his own charity event every year in the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl and earlier this week Jonathan phoned into his programme to say he’d be delighted to attend.  Chris was speechless with excitement!  The date of the event is Saturday 16 August.

It’s a small concert hall by today’s standards but that makes it intimate so I’m sure it will be a super evening and I understand there are a few tickets left.  If you’d like to attend you can book tickets here.

See you there! 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Updated - Events Page

Isn’t this a super photo?  It was taken by Jonathan’s sister Charlotte as he left London’s Natural History Museum the other week.

I’ve updated the events page with this event and also his private event is Sitges, Spain last week.  Hope you like having a kind of ‘diary’ of his performances.

To see the events page click on the link along the top bar.