Monday, 14 July 2014

Part Two of Last Night’s Performance

So well worth waiting for isn’t it?  It is most of the run-through prior to the audience arriving at the church.

It’s great to see Jonathan perform musical theatre/classical crossover but classical is where Jonathan, without doubt, surpasses all of his peers.  

In recent months I’ve tried to be objective (so difficult) whilst comparing his few performances we have online with the ‘great tenors’ of today. Their ages range from 38 - 70+. There’s nobody younger than 38 or so who compares and only Domingo compares in my opinion. 

Music is so personal isn’t it and we all have different ideas of what is perfection.  Makes for an interesting world!

Someone mentioned on Twitter that he’s far superior to Andrea Bocelli and - of course - I agree. Jonathan’s voice translates his inner emotion and understanding of the message he sings in a quality of tone that I’ve never before heard during my long lifetime. Bocelli shows far less emotion and lacks the quality of depth of tone.

Jings, I’m sounding like an armchair music critic, which I suppose I am.  Most of you will understand what I mean I hope though.


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