Monday, 14 July 2014

Wakey! Wakey! Last Night’s Performance - Part One!

Last night Jonathan returned to his old school, West Hatch High School, in Essex, to sing for the very important birthday of his old music teacher Jenny Ewington. The performance was in a local church.

This is a recording of one of his two solos.  I’m hoping a recording has been made of his second solo.

He tweeted this prior to posting the video:

Good singing without a microphone too!  you know I always liked it that way - well I'm sure I told you before!! This was at the end of my second song - one that's quite special to me, and Jenny - I wonder if any of you will guess it? xx
I hope you enjoy your Monday morning music from our super star.

Don’t forget to let your friends know about Jonathan’s CD release please (link in the right hand column).

Part Two will follow shortly.  What do you think it will be?

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Sandie Safian said...

I can't wait!!! <3 <3 <3