Friday, 20 December 2013

Jonathan’s Next Performance and Live Streaming

I’m very aware many of Jonathan’s fans do a great deal of work promoting his wonderful talent and this blog is just a drop in the ocean.

It’s come to my notice that some of you from overseas may have difficulty seeing or hearing UK television or radio shows.  Ivy Yeo is very good at ensuring her local radio station plays Jonathan’s solos and she never gives up.  A pat on the back for Ivy. If even a few more of us emailed or telephoned our local radio stations as often as possible, we may manage to get ‘the Antoine word’ spread more widely.

Speaking of broadcasting, I picked up a conversation on Facebook, where one American fan was saying how frustrated she was at not being able to view ‘live’ UK television shows.

One fan, who lives in the middle east, suggested they try the live streaming website and says it’s the best system she has found.  Give it a try.  I can’t experiment from here because I’m in the UK.

Remember, Jonathan, along with Charlotte, is singing on BBC1 Songs of Praise this Sunday (22nd December) and the programme starts at 4.35pm (GMT).

(The photo on this post is Jonathan at Preston. When I find out the photographer I will give them the credit due here).

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