Saturday, 21 December 2013

Jonathan on BBC1 Sunday - Advice for Overseas Fans

My last post did mention Karen’s recommendation (via Lin Gee) of and she’s put further information about it on Facebook.  In case you haven’t seen that here it is:

Some additional information though if you are unable to watch due to time difference etc. Go to the site and register. Down the left side you'll see all the channels available. Choose BBC and to the right of the box you'll see a small grey box with TV = and a star above. Click on the grey box and go to Sunday 22 where you will see an option to record. You can only record if you've registered though.


Sue Winspear it says 8.35 PM on but I suppose time is irrelevant as only the non UK residents will be viewing it on It must show the time relevant to the country you live in because we are 4 hours ahead of UK so the 8.35 for me will be the actual time it's on.

Do hope this helps those of you who live outside the UK.

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