Friday, 23 May 2014

Recording Has Begun!

Yes, I know I said in the previous post that I was happy to be redundant now that Sony has set up a website for Jonathan, but it seems it will be some time until it is fully developed.  So, by popular request, I’ve been asked to continue this blog until Sony gets round to providing us with a site worthy of Jonathan’s exceptional talent.  Thank you for the many emails I received about my voluntary redundancy.  I’ve done my best to answer everyone, but please let me know if I’ve not acknowledged yours.

Now back to the subject of this blog - Jonathan!  He tweeted the above photo yesterday (Thursday).  It was taken while he was enroute to Sony’s recording studios to start recording his album.  So good to see him happy isn’t it?

156 days to go now. I’m sure some of us, for the first time in our lives, are wishing time would fly!


Debby Dux said...

Yay! That's the best news!

subrosa said...

It’s great to see him so happy. xx